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I’m Kailey, a newbie wife and soon-to-be mom who has no idea what she’s doing.

You too? Awesome.

As much as I’d like to be naturally neat and tidy and put together and a great hostess who remembers to clean things like ceiling fans and baseboards, alas I am not. So here I am, figuring out what works and sharing what I do to procrastinate in between…So welcome, maybe you’re just like who I wish I was or maybe you’re just like me now. Or maybe you’re just entertained by this whole thing. Either way, I’m glad you’re here, let’s be friends.

This is where I’ll figure out how to run a home, be a wife and create a space that’s well managed and welcoming that doesn’t totally overwhelm me, not to mention how to look good doing it and what I’m doing to procrastinate in between (don’t you always want to know how other people procrastinate? No? Just me? Never mind then.)

My goal is to make hospitality simple and homemaking a little less daunting. You won’t find perfection here but you will find good, old-fashioned trying.

My go to guides are magazines, hand-me-down cookbooks and the darling Martha Stewart. I’ll adapt and edit as it suits me because sometimes, ain’t nobody got time for the long way. No matter how tried and true.

Oh also, adding to the chaos and figuring out the whole motherhood thing…coming August 2017! 😉