Books I Read in June

I read some GREAT stuff and some meh stuff in June! I didn’t read nearly as much as I wanted to…isn’t that always the case?

I’m really having to reign myself in this summer because I’m pregnant which means I’m super hormonal and also off of my anxiety medication which means my imagination is running WILD and I can’t inhale thriller novels like I would like to. Don’t worry – I have my list going for after the baby comes and I mellow out. πŸ˜‰ But for now, I’m trying to get as close to “can’t put down” without falling over into “nightmares and hysterics of a pregnant lady”

Also – a few of the books I read this month are on great sale from Amazon, so I noted which ones because I love to share a good deal.

ps. If you buy through any of my links, I get a teeny bit of money to start stocking up on diapers and boring stuff like that, just so you know. πŸ™‚

The Sweetness of Forgetting – Kristin Harmel 4/5

This was my first Kristin Harmel book ever. If you’ll notice, I read two this month. This was an absolutely delightful read. I finished it in a weekend, it has a hint of mystery which keeps it going. The main character, Hope, has been hit with bad news left and right but she doesn’t wallow for long, which I very much appreciated! I can’t stand characters who whine about circumstances, and she does temporarily and rightfully so but she does what needs to be done and that pushes the story along well. The scenes move quickly from one to another but there is great detail once they change. For instance, she travels internationally and seems to just appear across the world but the description of where she is makes up for the lack of transition. Overall a great read, I’ve added more of her books to my list already!

The Bishop’s Wife – Mette Harrison 2.5/5

I stumbled across this book at the library, it’s a Mormon mystery, which I didn’t know until I checked it out and I also didn’t know even existed. Seems harmless for a pregnant woman right? Well it ended up being dreadfully boring and still gave me anxiety because part of the plot line was about her stillborn daughter, REALLY?! (don’t worry, it’s addressed pretty early on, not a spoiler. Not that you should even read this book.) The character stumbles upon two different mysteries and various evidence falls in her lap but it isn’t compelling at all. She’s an over thinker who takes too long to act. Has potential to be good but just isn’t. I found out it’s the first in a series and I MAY give another book a try but probably not for a while.

Β My Name is Lucy Barton – Elizabeth Strout (Paperback on Sale 7/11 $9.52) 3.5/5

I have heard rave reviews of this book but I didn’t love it as much as others did. It was still a great, quick read, but not my favorite. Strout’s writing style is unique and leaves a lot in between the lines which becomes more obvious throughout the book. I think that’s why people love it, because they get to fill in the blanks on their own, so there’s the potential to take away a lot from Lucy Barton’s life. The story takes place when Lucy’s mother comes to visit her in the hospital and they both reminisce and share gossip from people back home, but it’s not lighthearted. Through the stories, they each speak deeper into their lives and their relationships. It’s a great read, deep but not too heavy and quick to finish.


The Life Intended – Kristin Harmel (paperback on sale 7/11- $6.95) 4/5

Another Kristin Harmel novel! The premise is reaching, but it’s supposed to be. 12 years after Kate’s husband dies tragically, she is engaged again and seemingly has it all, until her dead husband begins to appear in very realistic dreams. If you buy in early on, it makes it easier to read, don’t expect reality at some points. This was a slower read for me because I had a hard time not overanalyzing, but the ending totally redeemed it. I also realized about halfway through the book that I thought I was reading another book with a similar premise (this one. I still haven’t read it yet but come on, the plots are so similar yet VEERY different). Whoops. Unmet expectations were totally on me there. Can I blame pregnancy brain?


The Natural Pregnancy Book – Aviva Jill Romm 3.5/5

I won’t go into depth on this book, I’ve been reading different pregnancy books throughout my pregnancy and I will write a full post on my favorites shortly but for now, I did read this one this month. It was a great reference book, not too wordy. I got it from the library and probably would have benefitted more if I had owned it and highlighted the relevant parts. But overall, it was a good book!




Okay, here’s what’s on the docket for July!

  • Eight Hundred Grapes – Laura Dave
  • The Lost Book of the Grail – Charlie Lovett
  • This is Where You Belong – Melody Warnick
  • Anything is Possible – Elizabeth Strout
  • The Young Wives Club – Julie Pennell

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  • TJ
    I can see how the plot of the Bishop's wife could be unsettling. When my first born was little, I had to stop watching certain tv shows since it always seemed like some baby was being kidnapped or died.
    • yes! And it always seems to sneak up on a perfectly unassuming show or book!
  • I have heard great things about My Name Is Lucy Barton but have hesitated due to some of the tough themes. I think I want to give it a try soon, though!
    • They were more subtle than I had anticipated (or I just didn't pick up on them as quickly...ha!) It was a good book, just not my favorite.