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Three Things on Thursday

Three Things on Thursday

Three Things on Thursday

Happy Thursday, Friends! I wanted to share 3 things I’m enjoying this week.

1.) My Water App (FREE in the Apple App store)

I’ve been fighting pregnancy cankles like CRAZY, mainly by drinking stupid amounts of water! But honestly, I should have made water a priority even pre-pregnancy, ESPECIALLY in the Texas summertime. My daily water goal is between 80-100oz. I have a 30oz Yeti type cup at home (like this one), a 24oz Tervis Tumbler (like this one, with this lid and these straws), and a CamelBak Water bottle (this one). So I have water, usually with ice and ALWAYS with a straw, everywhere I go!! But what really makes it fun is keeping track on this app, I will usually record the amount after I finish a container so I remember before refilling. I encourage you to enable notifications on this one because the reminders to drink water are inspiring. (PS You can track other beverages also but I don’t consider them in my water goal and I really only drink water right now except for the next thing…)

2.) Torani Syrups

Confession: I have always loved snow cones and have used “pregnancy cravings” as an excuse to have more of them. Shh. Don’t tell!! There’s not a snow cone stand nearby so I’ve mastered making them at home in my blender (this is the one I have, it’s VERY high powered and can crush ice in seconds). Torani syrups are what I’ve been using to flavor them. I buy them at World Market but the fruit flavors are pretty limited so I have an Amazon list going with the next few flavors I’d like (Coconut, Blue Raspberry & Blood Orange). I don’t use the sugar free and I prefer this brand because it uses real cane sugar and not corn syrup.

I used them strictly for snow cones until recently when I started adding a tablespoon to my iced tea – YUM!  It’s a summertime beverage game changer! And yes, I really am not eating sugar right now for the most part but this is the one thing I allow myself to have occasionally. 😉

3.) $2.25 Board Games

I took a chance on a board game at Half Price Books that was only $2. It’s called 6 Word Memoirs, it’s on Amazon too. As far as I can tell, you have to get your team to guess a character or category by describing it in 6 words, so it’s kinda like a strange version of Fishbowl or Catch Phrase? Not sure what I think yet since we haven’t tried it out, but hey, it cost less than a cup of coffee so I’m okay with that…;)

What 3 things are you loving this Thursday?

ps. If you buy through any of the links in this post, I get a teeny bit of money to start stocking up on diapers and boring stuff like that, just so you know.