Make a Plan Monday

Make a Plan Monday – 07.31.17

I’m not the greatest at making a plan. I’m more of a “randomly remember to do list items at inconvenient times” type of gal. Or, I put something like “declutter closet” on my to do list between “load the dishwasher” and “go to the grocery store”. Yeah, that’s gonna get done. Totally. Especially since I didn’t even decide what “decluttering” would entail…

So if you’re like me, let’s make a plan every Monday. Pick some big things you want to do and how you’re actually going to do them!

Here are my big goals for the week but more importantly, the actual plans. Not just big things, but how I’m going to get there – and yes, they’re mostly baby related because HOLY COW I’M HAVING A BABY IN 4 WEEKS. So bear with me…it won’t always be this way. πŸ˜‰

Pack a hospital bag

  • Bag for me
  • Bag for Robert
  • Bag for baby

Cook and freeze meals for after the baby gets here

  • Pick out recipes (narrow it down to 10)
  • Take grocery inventory
  • Make a grocery list
  • Pick a day to cook

Clean out guest room

  • Actually take give away pile to be donated
  • Organize bookshelves
  • Organize closet
  • Recycle empty boxes

Assign blog posts for August

  • Pick the day
  • Pick the time
  • Create or photograph graphics

So that’s it for me! What are you planning for this week?

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