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5 Makeup Tips for New moms!

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It’s very rare I get the full chance to get ready for the day anymore. And when I do get the chance, I get decision fatigue and can’t pick what I even want to wear!
So these are the tips I’ve found reduce my stress and give me the best and quickest makeup look for everyday!
I have basically resorted to using the makeup I usually travel with. This began when I started living out of my travel bag when I got back from the hospital after having Archer. Here are the tips I’ve learned from mastering a 5 minute face!

1. Get an all in one palette so you only have to open, close and put away one thing.

My savior is this all in one palette from Lorac pictured above – it has eye shadows, blush and bronzer. Unfortunately I bought it at Nordstrom Rack years ago and it’s no longer available but I linked some very similar palettes below.
2. Wear a light base. I know it feels like you need double wear all day coverage foundation applied with a spackle spatula but you don’t. And honestly, if and when you fall asleep with your makeup on, a bb cream or tinted moisturizer won’t destroy your pores as badly.
3. Pick a lip color you can apply with your eyes closed. Tinted lip balms are the best. Buy about 3 tinted lip balms. One for the car, one for the diaper bag and one for the makeup vanity. A little bit of color on your lips can brighten your whole face so it’s nice to have something moisturizing to apply on the go without a mirror! I LOVE this one from Neutrogena in Plum or Rose.
4. Narrow down your brushes In fact, if you can apply most of it with your hands, that’s the best! I have a ton of makeup brushes but I only leave 4 of them out. Blush/bronzer, powder, and 2 eye shadow brushes.
5. Pick a portion you can do no matter what. No time for a full eye look? Pick ONE shadow or JUST mascara or JUST brows. Whatever you love about yourself, accentuate it first in case you run out of time! In my case, I always put on bronzer, it makes me look alive. 😉
What’s your favorite quick makeup tip?

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