Baby Music for Grown-Ups

Is anyone else staunchly opposed to Baby Einstein or is it just me? Look, while Archer doesn’t have a music preference, I don’t want to alter mine. In fact, I’d rather influence him with my amazing taste in music! 😉

That being said, it’s hard to find calming music, lullaby-ish that doesn’t make me want to claw my ears out.

So, I delved into Spotify and made a playlist to share with all of you! (Well, I actually made about 5 but I haven’t perfected all of them yet…so stay tuned)

This playlist is all slower songs, perfect for winding down the day or starting off that super early morning. There are some hymns and worship songs that are tucked in there in case that’s the only Jesus you get for the day. There are some hipster songs and classic lullabies, it’s a nice blend of all of it. It’s in no particular order so begin wherever you like!

Out of all these songs, I have my top 5 “lullaby” albums that are awesome and have songs that I don’t hate myself for singing along to – plus a lot of them have lyrics with so much truth that it’s so encouraging to have those words floating around in my mind all day.

Be Held by Christy Nockels

I Dream of You by JJ Heller

Psalms by Sandra McCracken

Sing Over Me: Worship Songs and Lullabies

Lullaby Hymns: for the Weary Soul by Katy Kinard


So mama, enjoy rotating between these so you don’t drive yourself crazy!! 🙂

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