Behind the Scenes with a One Month Old!

Baby Update:

Baby Archer is 11lbs 3 oz and I can’t remember how long!

Baby boy had a growth spurt at 3 weeks and a mental leap at 4.5 weeks (based on the Wonder Weeks App which tracks mental development and is really cool so see how he’s growing mentally as well as physically) and will have another growth spurt at 6 weeks. So, what does a growth spurt look like? Nursing 24/7 and fighting sleep. Yaaaaay! I thought something was wrong but nothing is wrong, it’s just really hard.

Mom Update:

Mama is ***lbs and who cares ounces and still not cleared to work out so whatevs.

I’m pretty much all healed up from the outside (I had a C Section). There are some days I’m in more pain than others but God bless the ability to take Advil again!! I haven’t been cleared for working out just yet which is weird since I was so active during my pregnancy. My incision is doing well, but still numb, isn’t that crazy?! I’m at a complex point where I’m not sure what to wear. At all. If it fits, I’m not confident I can nurse in it if I’m out and I haven’t worn real, non maternity pants yet…

Mom Care: 

I’ve attempted a quiet time a few times. I’m using Lara Casey’s Write the Word because it’s so stinkin’ simple. One passage of scripture and a journal section. But that’s still too much for me sometimes and it takes me multiple days to get through just one! My current, consistent self care is making a cup of coffee every day. I get to drink it at some point after as many 30 second microwaves as it takes and it’s great. I also get out of the house for a new moms bible study once a week with Archer and I’ve loved it.

Gear We Love:

We had a swing game changer this month. We had the fancy Mamaroo that we never used because it’s called a swing but it’s not really a swing. So we bought an old school swing. And y’all, Archer is a new baby. My. Word. He loves it. It has a mobile and music that he loves. I’m pretty sure his first smile will be at the swing, not his loving parents.

(This is the swing we got).

Diaper Update:

We’re using Pampers size 1 now, we switched from Huggies because we ran out but I like Pampers for this size more than Huggies (I did NOT like Pampers in newborn!!) We have a big pooper with skinny little legs so blowouts are definitely likely!! (look at this size difference in Size 1 between the brands!) Huggies Natural Care wipes are still my favorite.

I bought these wipes travel packs from Amazon that are refillable to keep around the house and in the diaper bag.

I also found out that these bags are totally helpful when changing a diaper out.

What Are We Wearing?


Archer is wearing 0-3 month size (3 month in Carter’s size which is most of what we have). A few Newborn gown sleepers still work but he rarely wears those.


We start the day in a onesie and add pants if we’re going out. If we’re staying in all day then he’s wearing a footie onesie, usually zippered but I allow snaps during the day (NOT at night, yikes). He only poops through clothes once typically. PJ’s are a zippered onesie and we swaddle him in a light swaddle or not at all (the startle reflex doesn’t really wake him up!)

Me: Still living in nursing tank tops with a rotating jacket or flannel. I love these tanks off of Amazon and these short sleeve cardigans. I’ll wear maternity shorts or leggings with that. I don’t leave the house much so it works. Plus the weather hasn’t really cooled down yet so layers are great. I’m working on a capsule wardrobe for the fall/winter so I will keep you posted on that! Let’s just say there will be a LOT of cozy cardigans in my future…

Lessons Learned This Month:

Don’t be afraid to try something new if what you have is not working. This goes for diaper brands, pacifiers, bottles, everything.

Limit your locations. I started getting out more this month. I got confident in nursing and would just go to the bathroom to nurse when needed wherever I was and Archer did great and napped in between! I, however, was EXHAUSTED at the end of the day because I didn’t nap when he did. So I limited my locations. 2 was ideal but 3 was my MAX. If I’ve hit a 3rd location, I need to head home soon after.

Don’t expect normalcy yet. Nothing will be the same day to day, apparently it’s not supposed to be yet. (It’s my first time too, so I have no idea!)

It‘s okay if you don’t want people to touch or hold your baby. I felt guilty not letting people hold my baby until I remembered, oh wait, it’s my baby. He hasn’t gotten his shots yet and a stomach bug is going around so I would just rather not. I have yet to master a kind, non-awkward way to tell people no, besides wearing the baby in a carrier. As a note, I’ll almost always let another mom hold Archer if they ask. They’ve done it before so I trust them most.

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